By Steven F. Hinchey, DMD
July 24, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Laser Dentistry  

What your dentist in Glastonbury wants you to knowlaser dentistry

You’ve heard about laser dentistry and now you’re wondering if it can help you. The truth is laser technology has changed dentistry forever. Thanks to laser technology, dentists can now diagnose and treat dental issues while they are still small, instead of waiting until they become large dental problems. Dr. Steven Hinchey at Glastonbury Center for Dental Medicine in South Glastonbury, CT wants to share what you need to know about laser dentistry.

Lasers are used in diagnosis to detect tiny problems which are very difficult to find with conventional diagnostic tools. Early diagnosis is critical to a better treatment outcome. Dr. Hinchey uses lasers to:

  • Diagnose tooth decay in tiny pits, fissures and crevices
  • Screen for oral cancer and other tissue abnormalities

Lasers are at the forefront of soft tissue treatment too. The focused laser is precise, allowing more conservative treatment which will heal faster. Some common laser soft tissue treatments include:

  • Soft tissue recontouring, to remove and reshape excess tissue, resulting in a less gummy, more beautiful smile
  • Periodontal treatments, to promote shrinkage and healing of deep periodontal pockets and to kill harmful bacteria

Lasers have also revolutionized treatment of hard tissue problems. Lasers are quiet, allowing a much more comfortable, relaxing treatment than conventional dental drills. Dr. Hinchey uses lasers to:

  • Remove decay, resulting in a much cleaner, more precise tooth preparation which can lead to a longer-lasting dental restoration

When you choose laser dentistry from Dr. Hinchey, you will enjoy:

  • Improved healing
  • Less downtime
  • Less discomfort
  • Relaxing, quiet treatment

You deserve the best in dental treatment. That’s why you need to discover for yourself what laser dentistry can do for you. Now, thanks to laser dentistry, you have another choice other than noisy, old-school dental drills. If you want to experience relaxing treatment with less downtime, laser dentistry is for you! For more information about laser dentistry treatment, call Dr. Hinchey at Glastonbury Center for Dental Medicine in South Glastonbury, CT today!