By Steven F. Hinchey, DMD
June 21, 2019
Category: Oral Health
Tags: gum disease  

GumsGum disease can sneak up on you. You may only notice a small amount of bleeding when you brush and floss. The bad news is, if gum disease goes untreated, there is a good chance it will turn into periodontal disease, and you could lose your teeth and your smile. Dr. Steven F. Hinchey at Glastonbury Center for Dental Medicine in South Glastonbury, CT, can help you reverse your gum disease, before it can do more damage.

So, how do you know if you have gum disease? There are some signs and symptoms in your gums you will notice, including:

  • Swelling and puffiness
  • Irritation and pain
  • Redness and bleeding
  • Gum pain when you eat
  • Frequent bad breath

Gum disease, also known as gingivitis or gum inflammation, is caused by bacteria contained in the plaque which clings to your teeth. The good news is, you can reverse gum disease and bring your gums back to good health. You must begin practicing excellent oral hygiene, which should include:

  • Brushing after eating and before bed
  • Flossing at least once each day
  • Visiting Dr. Hinchey for an exam and x-rays at least once each year
  • Visiting your dentist for regular professional cleanings at least every six months

If gum disease goes untreated, bacteria begins to infect and damage more than just soft tissue. The infection can spread to the bone, ligaments, and fibers that hold your teeth in place. When you start losing soft and hard tissue attachment, your teeth can become loose. They may even fall out or need to be removed, resulting in expensive replacements like dental appliances and dental implants.

The key is to reverse gum disease before it can cause more damage. Start a program of excellent oral care at home, along with seeking help from your dentist and dental hygienist. For more information about the signs, symptoms, and treatment of gum and periodontal disease, call Dr. Steven F. Hinchey at Glastonbury Center for Dental Medicine in South Glastonbury, CT. Call now and protect your smile!