Progressive Dentistry

Dr Hinchey can now complete a crown or veneer in the same day for you.  Thanks to our CAD CAM digital technology, Dr Hinchey can prepare your tooth for a crown, take a digital image, design and mill a beautiful porcelain crown.

We can schedule this appointment one of three ways:

One long appointment: We prepare your tooth and then you can wait while it is designed and milled. Bring a book, music, your lap top or knitting; we will keep you comfortable.  The wait time may be 1 ½ to two hours.

See you in the morning: See you later in the day.  We prepare your tooth, you go to work or run some errands, and then later in the day we insert your new crown.

Old school: Two appointments on different days.  This works just as well, but you do not have to wait one to two weeks for a dental laboratory to send us your crown.

The choice is yours, the fee is the same.