Dental Implants

Missing teeth or loose dentures can be embarrassing and definitely troublesome.

But today’s technology has changed that.

If you are missing one or more teeth, it may be possible to permanently replace them with a new ‘root’ made of titanium – a dental implant.

Once placed, there are many options of connecting something to your new ‘root’. If it is a single tooth missing, a post can be connected to the implant and crown placed over the post.

If you have loose dentures, dental implants can help by retrofitting the denture to connect to the implant with snaps or clips that will hold the denture in place.

If you need a new denture and have or need dental implants, there are now beautiful dentures that literally screw into dental implants and stay in your mouth. These dentures are made of Zirconium and are virtually indestructible.

Unlike our other treatments, and more like orthodontic treatment, dental implants are not necessarily an immediate or quick fix. Just as you would not build a house on a just poured foundation, dental implants need time to heal in your jaws before subjecting them to the pressures of chewing.

But the possibilities for replacing missing teeth are there.

Ask us about dental implants.