Holistic Dentistry

Here at Dr Hinchey’s Center for Dental Medicine, we are sensitive to the needs of our patients.   Frequently, we are asked about Holisitic care.

For us, Holistic care means matching dental therapies to the patient.

  • Prevention:  Education to show you how to prevent disease
  • Oral Ecology – what works to keep your mouth healthy
  • Oral Medicine – the stuff that can be safely applied to tooth and gums to repair damage and restore health
  • Test compatibility with dental materials – matching the best material to your body.
  • Provide the safest environement to restore teeth and gum health.  We are Mercury FREE and Mercury SAFE.

The Oral-Systemic connection is real.   What goes on in your mouth can influence what goes on in the rest of your body. 

Keeping your mouth, teeth and gums healthy will reduce risks for heart disease, diabetes, vascular disease, stroke, and many other inflammatory diseases.