Mercury Free Dentistry

Importance of Replacing Mercury Silver Fillings

In 1984, I made the conscious decision to stop placing mercury silver fillings. Once an excellent method for short term control of decay for financially challenged patients, I believed the presence of mercury in the office was not a biohazard risk worth taking for my patients and employees alike.

Mercury is known to be toxic to the central nervous system. The term “mad as a hatter” was the result of hatters who blocked hats in hot boiling mercury solutions.

Mercury free dentistry

    Mercury silver fillings leak and produce a constant measurable level of toxic mercury vapor! The highest level of toxic exposure comes in removal process when done without the proper precautions and procedures.

    Our office specializies in the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings.  Keenly aware of the effect mercury vapor can have on oral and OVERALL health, we are mercury free and mercury safe.  Using specific protocols to remove amalgams safely, we have worked for many years with Naturopathic Physicians to treat symptomatic heavy metal toxic patients.  For many, our combined therapies have been Life Changing.

    It is important that an appropriate dental material be used to replace the removed fillings that will not be dangerous to the mouth or health of already compromised patients.  Towards that end, I offer my patients the Clifford Materials Reactivity Test (CMRT), which identifies a patient's specific, unique sensitivities to any and all materials, chemicals, etc. that may be used in their dental treatment.  Their website is



Click here for Mercury Risk Evaluation Chart (PDF)