Signs of Gum Infection

Would you expect your scalp to bleed when you brush your hair?

I do not think you would answer yes to that question would you? We do not expect our scalps to bleed when we comb or brush our hair. So why do some think it would be okay for your gums to bleed when you brush?

It is not okay. That bleeding is a sign of inflammation and infection. And if you have other health issues such as diabetes, heart/artery disease or stroke, it makes your life far more difficult to manage, and it may create problems you do not even know are there.

What we now know about gum disease is this: when we improve dental health, especially gum health, our patients feel better, and reduce their risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and maybe even Alzheimer’s disease. This happens because the disease causing bacteria in your gums will not enter your body through the bleeding gums, and spread to the rest of your body, where it can cause significant damage.

I think it makes good sense, don’t you?

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